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To achieve optimal product quality, affordability, and sustainability, our commitment begins with partnering exclusively with top-tier manufacturers. We select manufacturers and suppliers who align with our ethics and uphold stringent quality standards. Transparency is key in our mission, and that's why we're opening the curtain on our reliable partnerships. Every image below is a testament to our dedication, captured firsthand by our team. We believe in sharing not just our products but the journey behind them.

The manufacturers and suppliers who not only possess official authorization qualifications for top-tier brand equipment like Brother, Tajima, but also boast a wealth of experience in their workforce. Additionally, environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of our commitment. Our partners adhere to the OEKO-TEX STANDARD, ensuring that our products meet rigorous environmental certification criteria. This dedication to quality and sustainability underscores our pledge to delivering excellence in every facet of our production process.


Addressing climate change requires a collective effort, and at our core, we recognize that fast fashion is a significant contributor. That's why we've made it our mission to create products designed for endurance. We believe the responsibility extends beyond consumers, and as creators, we are committed to offering timeless yet affordable alternatives. Our focus is on crafting items that stand the test of time, aligning with a sustainable approach that invites everyone to be a part of the solution.

We've taken a decisive step to eliminate plastic from our operations. Our commitment is evident in our transition to 100% reusable kraft paper packages, crafted from recycled paper rather than plastic. Collaborating closely with our manufacturers, we are diligently sourcing sustainable materials, with the aim of completely eradicating plastic for all products. We believe that by making cool designs in our packaging, customers will love to keep and reuse it. By this way, we're contributing to a greener planet.



1. FABRIC: All Wawl Soul T-shirts are 100% organic cotton made with 8oz, 230 gsm heavy weight selected fabric. The drape tends to be more structured fit and retain heat better, so they'll be a regular player in your wardrobe's not only in summer.


2.PRINTING: every intricate graphic is printed by high-end Brother® printers and its eco-friendly ink. DTG (Direct to Garment) uses ink to print directly onto the fabric of the t-shirt.

It captures every details of the complex artworks. The water-based ink used sits thoroughly within the fabric, ensuring the durability. Plus, it is known for its environmentally friendly.


Take a quick view to see how the fresh new made products look like.